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Consolidated Parts Group
"Your Partners in Parts"

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  • $250,000 Inventory
  • 2 Delivery Vehicles
  • Wholesale Parts Specialists - 76 years experience
  • Huge Crash Parts Inventory
  • #1 in District
  • VERY Competitive Discounts
  • Daily Stock Orers with Next Day Arrival
Wholesale Parts Contact Info

Toll-Free 800-551-5398             Local 616-949-1010

Fax 616-954-1108

Wholesale Parts Specialist - Adam Gravelyn - 616-954-1197

Wholesale Parts Specialist - Heather Amos - 616-954-1198

Parts/Service Coordinator - Claude Segard - 616-954-1120

New/Used Car Coordinator - Michael Hoving - 616-954-1170

Days/Hours - Mon - 8am-8pm
Tu/Wed/Th/Fr - 8am-6pm - Sat - 8am-3pm


Heather Amos
Adam Gravelyn